CAVVE is a Studio and Institution founded and directed by Mit Borrás and Rachel Lamot as creative director and head of production.
Dedicated to the production and development of international transdisciplinary projects of contemporary art: focused on film, performance and media art | digital art. Devoted to the artistic research in the field of transhumanism, cyborg theory and the relationship between humans, nature and technology.

The field of interest of the institution is centered on projects that unify media art and performance with science, technology and meditation. The Cavve Team and collaborators are an international group of art professionals and artists experts in robotics and biomechanics, androids, prosthetic design, ergonomics, electronic music, meditation, botany and anthropology. Cavve is founded also to support stablished and also young, promising, visionary international artists. 

CAVVE are the producers of Adaptasi Cycle.