Be a cyborg, walk through the rainforest, sink your prosthetic feet in the mud. Be eternal


Scenes of isolated and highly focused protagonists, surrounded by robotic companion and technology, are alternate with sequences of nature's micro- and macrocosm. Aerial views of glaciers, snowed mountains and dense forests are followed by animated mushrooms, representative of a higher level of holistic connection, as the fungi are only the fruit of their mycorrhizal network - the so-called mushroom network, which connects bigger plants like trees through tiny threads of the mycelium. With this in mind, Borrás’ work is equivalent to the picture of the tip of the iceberg, as if a subtle glimpse into a highly complex universe, the visualized essence of our reality's noise and its underlying entanglement of every element and ultimately its sublimation.

Borras’ visual language facilitates the dialogue between nature and culture, or more precisely the organic and the synthetic. From time to time, elements of both worlds wander in their natural composition in the respective other realm. Sometimes they appear as a surrogate of their original template, reminiscing its absence as a form of eternalizing its soul and to sustain its metaphysical connection. However, the dichotomy of both worlds is not strictly excluding of their counterpart. In the duality of this scenario, Borrás locates what can be identified as human nature in highly stylized interior spaces, which exemplify the opposite, the synthetic, at a first brief glance. At a second glance, we notice that the appearing characters have already undergone an evolution, morphing into their post-human existence, being bionic examples of technology merging with the human flesh. Through their adaptation, these humanoid personae embody the rites of passage of future human existence possibly evolving in a hyper technologized world.

Symbols of mystical quality and shamanism are interweaved with elements of modern vapor-wave and techno-futuristic aesthetics, creating an extremely distinct visual and stylistic language, that makes Borrás’ work a manifest of post-humanistic discourse in a dystopian era. The distinct and consequent aesthetic determination of his work might seem intimidatingly cathartic at times, but in actuality, it stems from a vision and pure desire for serenity, clarity, and innocence within his post-human, transitory realm.
Borrás creates a universe that invokes the ancient and the futuristic simultaneously, addressing transience and sublimation as omnipresent phenomena, yet never disclaiming the eudaemonic alignment of its inhabitants.

Art Director Rachel Lamot | Music Daniel Vacas Peralta | Written By Mit Borrás And Rachel Lamot |  With Elan D’orphium, Weixin Quek Chong, Ray La’vord, Marta Casado, Ana Calcedo, Rachel Lamot, Double Robot, A1 Robot, Oliver Robot, Juan Pérez, Mireia Ballesteros, Issoris Pérez, Manuel Escorihuela, Warriors Cheerleaders | Robotics Casual Robots | Drone Yueqiang Liu Zhang | Special Fashion Design Path By Janine Grosche | Kim Rosario | Make Up Fx Harpo | Eloy Noguera | Ana Cuéllar  | Prosthetics Mobilis | Ottobock | 3D Prosthetics Ayudame 3D | Birds Emociones Al Vuelo | Special Architectures | Zaha Hadid | Kathryn Findlay | Puerta De América | Sabrina Amrani Gallery | Cavve Pavilion | Umbrales Dagoberto Rodríguez | Clinic Department Relevium | Gomez Bravo | Acrobatics | Mpds | Robotics Design Unitree | Canbot | Stiftung Kunstfonds Bonn Neustart Kultur. 2021.  Production Design Cavve Pavilion.  © Mit Borrás. All Rights Reserved. 2022

2022 © Mit Borrás. All rights reserved.