New heaven, a synthetic limbo. The story of an ancient and futuristic rite of passage with bionic prosthetics to reach eternity. Full balance through technology and natural biodiversity


O lives isolated in an alternative present. With no one but a robotic dog for company, he performs methodical and ceremonial acts in a soft cave. Seemingly completely at peace within its being and time, O creates a captivating sense of suspense through his graceful, yet precise ritualistic exercises, as well as through his non-hierarchical approach to his world. Treating his body, surrounding objects, and space with both connected and caring respectfulness, Borrás subtly visualizes a bigger metaphysical context in this amor vacui.

The work complex of ADAPTASI CYCLE encompasses a visual dichotomy of wild, untamed, evanescent nature on the one hand, and man-made, contained culture, such as technology on the other hand. In the film we see scenes of an isolated and highly focused protagonist, watched and followed by his robotic companion, alternate with sequences of nature's micro- and macrocosm. Aerial views of glaciers, snowed mountains and dense forests are followed by animated mushrooms, representative of a higher level of holistic connection, as the fungi are only the fruit of their mycorrhizal network - the so-called mushroom network, which connects bigger plants like trees through tiny threads of the mycelium.

Mit Borrás. Heavven, Adaptasi Cycle exhibition. Film and installation views at Exgirlfriend Gallery, Berlin 2021. Works by Mit Borrás, Art Director Rachel Lamot, Music Daniel Vacas Peralta. With Ray La’Vord, A1 Robot. Yoga Sonja Sims, Production Design Cavve Pavilion, Robotics Casual Robots, Prosthetics Ayudame 3D, The Cave H. Puerta de América, Make Up Harpo, Eloy Noguera Atienza, A1 Robot design Canbot, Drone Karacho Berlin. Text by Julia Schmelzer. With the support of Stiftung Kunstfonds Bonn Neustart Kultur. Images courtesy of the artist, 2021.

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